must you understand what you are doing?
  • Pretty 20something white girls, having coffee, texting, in completely separate worlds. On paper they would probably look identical. But they are so incredibly different…so I took a creeper pic…because that’s how I roll 

  • This lady should have played Cersei Lannister in GoT

    (Source: shesbombb, via thisrockandrollrefugee)

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  • archivesofamericanart:

    Painter Honoré Sharrer clearly had a thing for shifty-eyed dogs…remember this suspicious character?

    Detail from Honoré Sharrer study for the painting Two dogs in a still life, not after 1997. Honoré Sharrer papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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  • Job searching is THE WORST. 

    So I made this neat resume about my teaching skillz to try and make it less boring. 

  • Tonight’s insomnia brought to you by my sudden fascination with the concept of having a fierce eyebrow game

  • Good, better, best…

  • Puce is a stupid color

  • Puddles are the shit

  • Shoe shopping